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Why Teal Is Our New Favourite Business Colour…

  If you had a business genie at your disposal and could dream up a perfect organisational structure what would it look like? Flexible working hours, location independence for employees and freedom to fulfil their job roles how they liked? But would the necessary results be achieved if there weren’t any firm strategies, procedures and…

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Vision: What’s Your Business Destination?

  Sometimes the best things that happen to us are spontaneous. Bumping into an old friend can bring more laughs than an obligatory scheduled meeting with an acquaintance. A surprise out of the blue from a loved one can be more touching than a planned birthday surprise. Stumbling upon an advert for a local networking…

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New Year, New Business Approach?

We hope you and your business have enjoyed 2016. Whilst New Year is a time to reflect on how lucky we are at present and the successes we’ve enjoyed so far, my mantra is: “how can we find a better way?” I’m always looking for ways to improve, streamline, optimise and get smarter. So what…

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Unite Your Business Resources in 2017

  Don’t you think business life is better united? Being on the same page as a client to help them achieve their goals through your services, being on a similar wave length to your team, sharing the same values as your business investors, mentors or partners, you name it, business, and life in general, is…

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10 Ways Time-Saver Zoho Tasks Helps You Tackle Your To-Do List

  Time’s pretty fickle isn’t it? When we have lots of it we love it but usually end up squandering it with a ‘I’ll do it tomorrow mentality.’ When time is of the essence and we have very little of it, we resent it and tend to leave an urgent task until the very last…

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10 Ingredients For An Analytically Delicious Business

  Running a successful business is a lot like baking the perfect cake. We’re huge fans of cake here at Creative Analysis (in fact coffee and cake with clients is our favourite way to engage with them!) but that’s not why we’re writing this blog post. You’re probably wondering how business and cake are related…

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Security: The Secret To Remember

  From the TalkTalks’ well talked about data breach, and the infamous celebrity private photos leak to the much more recent Tesco Bank cyber attack on over 40,000 customers’ details, we all know that data ‘hacks’ are a very real and present risk in today’s digital world. Not only did these chilling headlines make us…

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Our HD8 Business Show Learning Experience…

  The beauty of having all our business’ data stored and categorized into a reliable and organised system or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform isn’t just that it helps us keep track of contacts’ details…or that it seamlessly integrates with other systems…or that it minimizes our chances of missing valuable opportunities to grow our business….

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Risky Business? With Zoho Reports We Think Not!

  Number crunching, data munching, result bunching…button punching… scowl scrunching… sound familiar? While some people’s minds are very analytically inclined and almost wired to make sense of figures and information, others get confused, overwhelmed and downright frustrated with numerical data. But ask any business owner; reporting, analyzing and calculations have to be done. They’re necessary-…

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