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The Hidden Gems within YOUR business

You have them and they can improve the way your business operates. Organisations collect data all the time, mostly without realising. Products, customers, processes. The major failing is that they often don’t make use of any of this massively useful information! Why not? Because it’s generally sitting inside a black box, which people are unable…

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Join Us At Kirklees Business Week – Workshop

Social Feeder – an Introduction to Digital Marketing Are you disappointed by the time you spend trying to generate and process sales? Let me introduce you to Social Feeder! Social Feeder provides a fresh and focused approach to driving traffic to your database or automated marketing system. As part of Kirklees Business Week in October,…

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How does Santa cope with his busy workload?

This is a guest blog written by Sophie Perks-Ward from  We decided that Santa must have a CRM (customer relationship management) system. How else could he possibly manage such a complex operation?! We were curious to know which one he uses so we sent a message via the elves and guess what Santa said… “That’s easy!…

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Money while sleep

How Systems Can Make You Money

Do you want to make money while you sleep? Make your business perform for you. I recently attended IGNITE, an event to inspire women in business to achieve their vision. There were many great speakers, such as Loral Langemeier, Laura Doyle, Abi Griffiths, Katharine Dever and Bernedette Doyle. A common theme throughout all the presentations…

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Mess on the table

Get organised and save time!

Do you want to get organised and save time? Does this look/feel familiar? Every week I come across more and more businesses that are drowning in business information, paperwork, business cards, leads and task lists, to name just a few of the things that are piling up. Most businesses want to increase their turnover and…

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