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New Year, New Business Approach?

We hope you and your business have enjoyed 2016. Whilst New Year is a time to reflect on how lucky we are at present and the successes we’ve enjoyed so far, my mantra is: “how can we find a better way?” I’m always looking for ways to improve, streamline, optimise and get smarter. So what…

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10 Ingredients For An Analytically Delicious Business

  Running a successful business is a lot like baking the perfect cake. We’re huge fans of cake here at Creative Analysis (in fact coffee and cake with clients is our favourite way to engage with them!) but that’s not why we’re writing this blog post. You’re probably wondering how business and cake are related…

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Promote To Help, Not To Sell: 3 Tips!

  Do you know what happens when I Google the word ‘promote?’ No mention of the word ‘selling’ appears, zilch, nada, absolutely none. Instead, the all-knowing, life-saving oracle that is Google talks of “supporting or actively encouraging a cause or venture” and “furthering the progress of something.” Yes, there is an aspect of ‘promotion’ in…

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Smarketing: Sales Meet Marketing, Marketing Meet Sales

  How well does your company’s team gel? Take a moment to reflect on that question. If you think they get along fairly well, what about your wider team, beyond the immediate department you work in? Do they enjoy as smooth a relationship? If so, why not, do you reckon? Is it because they have…

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Keep it Personal - Track Relationships

Leads or Relationships: which are more important?

Should small businesses focus on ‘filling the sales funnel’, or on building relationships and letting Leads take care of themselves? Leads, prospects, suspects, opportunities, potentials… there are so many ways to describe what is commonly referred to as how you ‘fill the sales funnel’. Different people use different terms. Personally I’m not fond of ‘suspects’; it sounds…

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