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Don’t Fall For Shiny Penny Syndrome!

  What was the last thing that you treated yourself too? If you’re a shopaholic it might have been new clothes or a new pet if you’re an animal lover, perhaps the Apple Watch or some other gadget or gizmo? But what if you had no wardrobe or drawers to store the clothes, or couldn’t…

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10 Ingredients For An Analytically Delicious Business

  Running a successful business is a lot like baking the perfect cake. We’re huge fans of cake here at Creative Analysis (in fact coffee and cake with clients is our favourite way to engage with them!) but that’s not why we’re writing this blog post. You’re probably wondering how business and cake are related…

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Risky Business? With Zoho Reports We Think Not!

  Number crunching, data munching, result bunching…button punching… scowl scrunching… sound familiar? While some people’s minds are very analytically inclined and almost wired to make sense of figures and information, others get confused, overwhelmed and downright frustrated with numerical data. But ask any business owner; reporting, analyzing and calculations have to be done. They’re necessary-…

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Zoho Connect, potential

Endless Possibilities With Zoho Connect

  Possibility- it’s a powerful word isn’t it? In fact it gives me goose bumps. It just oozes potential and radiates opportunities in abundance. Put the word ‘Endless’ in front of the plural version and I go into  full on meltdown! However, ‘Endless Possibilities’ rarely crosses the mind unless collaboration occurs. Think about it- just…

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Data Dance: 15 Ways To Stay One Step Ahead

Data is regularly underestimated. There is a bounty of value in data but small businesses generally aren’t taking advantage of this priceless information. Profiting from the benefits data can bring is something large corporations are accustomed to doing. Indeed, data is one of their primary focus points. Without their customer data they wouldn’t be able…

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Customer Relationship Management System, CRM

Back to Basics

  What is a CRM and Why Do I Need One? ‘Shhhhh!’ is sometimes what we yearn to say to all the visual and mental ‘noise’ clutter can create, in a bid to numb and shield ourselves from the ensuing confusion that inevitably arises from such disorder. What if there was a system that you…

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The Hidden Gems within YOUR business

You have them and they can improve the way your business operates. Organisations collect data all the time, mostly without realising. Products, customers, processes. The major failing is that they often don’t make use of any of this massively useful information! Why not? Because it’s generally sitting inside a black box, which people are unable…

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