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Become One With ONTRAPORT & Free Your Business

  Have you ever been immobilized by indecision? Dithered for ages over which bank to place your savings in, ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ over which film to watch or music to listen to, wavered over which item of clothing to buy, only to falter even more when confronted with the vast abundance of clothing choice that’s…

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Unite Your Business Resources in 2017

  Don’t you think business life is better united? Being on the same page as a client to help them achieve their goals through your services, being on a similar wave length to your team, sharing the same values as your business investors, mentors or partners, you name it, business, and life in general, is…

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Identifying Opportunities: Waving Goodbye to ‘What-Ifs’

  Do you know when we know we’ve missed a great opportunity? When it’s passed us by, with that pesky feeling of hindsight mischievously and knowingly grinning at us as we reflect on the ‘If Onlys and ‘What Ifs’. What if we had developed that relationship with that interested possible client more? If only we…

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Data Dance: 15 Ways To Stay One Step Ahead

Data is regularly underestimated. There is a bounty of value in data but small businesses generally aren’t taking advantage of this priceless information. Profiting from the benefits data can bring is something large corporations are accustomed to doing. Indeed, data is one of their primary focus points. Without their customer data they wouldn’t be able…

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work remotely, virtual team, virtual office

A New Way of Working

In this busy 24/7 world, constantly connected via mobile devices that we perpetually have on our person, confronted with information overload, we bet you’ve had a daydream or two (or ten or twenty…) about working differently. Think about it, when was the last time you mused about the possibility of working in a different way- to give…

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Managing Clients’ Expectations at the Touch of a Button

And…click! That simple tap was the sound of Dom Wint, owner of web design company Clean Page Webdesign Ltd, hitting ‘send’ and communicating with all his clients- at the touch of a button. As easy as that, he has informed and reassured his clients, whilst managing their expectations. Let’s rewind. A few weeks ago Dom…

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The Hidden Gems within YOUR business

You have them and they can improve the way your business operates. Organisations collect data all the time, mostly without realising. Products, customers, processes. The major failing is that they often don’t make use of any of this massively useful information! Why not? Because it’s generally sitting inside a black box, which people are unable…

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