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Promote To Help, Not To Sell: 3 Tips!

  Do you know what happens when I Google the word ‘promote?’ No mention of the word ‘selling’ appears, zilch, nada, absolutely none. Instead, the all-knowing, life-saving oracle that is Google talks of “supporting or actively encouraging a cause or venture” and “furthering the progress of something.” Yes, there is an aspect of ‘promotion’ in…

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Smarketing: Sales Meet Marketing, Marketing Meet Sales

  How well does your company’s team gel? Take a moment to reflect on that question. If you think they get along fairly well, what about your wider team, beyond the immediate department you work in? Do they enjoy as smooth a relationship? If so, why not, do you reckon? Is it because they have…

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Handwritten Mail: Does your audience get the message?

  Dear Business Owner, As a business owner, like me, you would’ve had to have spent money to make money at some point. This includes investing in different marketing methods, to attract customers to balance your books. Marketing is all about communicating your business message- but how do you decide what the best way to…

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The Hidden Gems within YOUR business

You have them and they can improve the way your business operates. Organisations collect data all the time, mostly without realising. Products, customers, processes. The major failing is that they often don’t make use of any of this massively useful information! Why not? Because it’s generally sitting inside a black box, which people are unable…

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