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Workflow Whizz: Save Time & Grow Your Business!

  Who doesn’t like being productive? The truth is even the biggest procrastinators among us relish the feeling of being efficient and kicking that to-do list to the curb. With the amount of things you could do instead of spending ages on a menial task that should take a fraction of time- from creatively coming…

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Promote To Help, Not To Sell: 3 Tips!

  Do you know what happens when I Google the word ‘promote?’ No mention of the word ‘selling’ appears, zilch, nada, absolutely none. Instead, the all-knowing, life-saving oracle that is Google talks of “supporting or actively encouraging a cause or venture” and “furthering the progress of something.” Yes, there is an aspect of ‘promotion’ in…

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Smarketing: Sales Meet Marketing, Marketing Meet Sales

  How well does your company’s team gel? Take a moment to reflect on that question. If you think they get along fairly well, what about your wider team, beyond the immediate department you work in? Do they enjoy as smooth a relationship? If so, why not, do you reckon? Is it because they have…

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Keep it Personal - Track Relationships

Leads or Relationships: which are more important?

Should small businesses focus on ‘filling the sales funnel’, or on building relationships and letting Leads take care of themselves? Leads, prospects, suspects, opportunities, potentials… there are so many ways to describe what is commonly referred to as how you ‘fill the sales funnel’. Different people use different terms. Personally I’m not fond of ‘suspects’; it sounds…

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Keep Your Friends Close And Your Business Contacts Closer…

  Are you guilty of not keeping in touch with family friends, extended family, old colleagues, or school mates? We all love our family and friends but sometimes life gets busy and sadly touching base with them falls down our priority list. Occasionally we’re lucky enough to find friends who are understanding and we can…

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Identifying Opportunities: Waving Goodbye to ‘What-Ifs’

  Do you know when we know we’ve missed a great opportunity? When it’s passed us by, with that pesky feeling of hindsight mischievously and knowingly grinning at us as we reflect on the ‘If Onlys and ‘What Ifs’. What if we had developed that relationship with that interested possible client more? If only we…

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Money while sleep

How Systems Can Make You Money

Do you want to make money while you sleep? Make your business perform for you. I recently attended IGNITE, an event to inspire women in business to achieve their vision. There were many great speakers, such as Loral Langemeier, Laura Doyle, Abi Griffiths, Katharine Dever and Bernedette Doyle. A common theme throughout all the presentations…

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Mess on the table

Get organised and save time!

Do you want to get organised and save time? Does this look/feel familiar? Every week I come across more and more businesses that are drowning in business information, paperwork, business cards, leads and task lists, to name just a few of the things that are piling up. Most businesses want to increase their turnover and…

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