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Integrated Systems Make The World Go Round…

“Money, money, money, always funny in a rich man’s world!” so sings ABBA. It is indeed funny in a wealthy man’s (or woman’s!) world, but it’s not so amusing when payments are late, especially for businesses. In a recent blog post published in February, Zoho cited Experian’s The Late Payment Survey: how is late payment affecting…

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Zoho Workplace: Business Cloud Nine

  Who doesn’t love being on cloud nine? Whether it’s the fun of quality family time, the heavenly joy of a holiday or the delight of relaxing downtime that brings you blissful happiness, there’s no denying cloud nine is the place to be. But have you ever thought it’s the place your business should be?…

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Don’t Fall For Shiny Penny Syndrome!

  What was the last thing that you treated yourself too? If you’re a shopaholic it might have been new clothes or a new pet if you’re an animal lover, perhaps the Apple Watch or some other gadget or gizmo? But what if you had no wardrobe or drawers to store the clothes, or couldn’t…

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Become One With ONTRAPORT & Free Your Business

  Have you ever been immobilized by indecision? Dithered for ages over which bank to place your savings in, ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ over which film to watch or music to listen to, wavered over which item of clothing to buy, only to falter even more when confronted with the vast abundance of clothing choice that’s…

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Vision: What’s Your Business Destination?

  Sometimes the best things that happen to us are spontaneous. Bumping into an old friend can bring more laughs than an obligatory scheduled meeting with an acquaintance. A surprise out of the blue from a loved one can be more touching than a planned birthday surprise. Stumbling upon an advert for a local networking…

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10 Ingredients For An Analytically Delicious Business

  Running a successful business is a lot like baking the perfect cake. We’re huge fans of cake here at Creative Analysis (in fact coffee and cake with clients is our favourite way to engage with them!) but that’s not why we’re writing this blog post. You’re probably wondering how business and cake are related…

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Security: The Secret To Remember

  From the TalkTalks’ well talked about data breach, and the infamous celebrity private photos leak to the much more recent Tesco Bank cyber attack on over 40,000 customers’ details, we all know that data ‘hacks’ are a very real and present risk in today’s digital world. Not only did these chilling headlines make us…

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Q&A: “Hmmm What Is A CRM Again?”

  If you’ve stumbled across this or one of our recent blog posts and you’re a tad confused then you’ve come to the right place! Even better, if you’ve read a few of our posts and can see they’re connected by a theme that you can’t quite put your finger on, it’s because they are!…

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Organisation: The Secret to Long Term Success

  People generally fall into two camps when it comes to organisation. They’re either very uber-organised or else completely scatterbrained, scraping through, meeting (or missing!) deadlines just in the nick of time. When it comes to whether we want to be organised we fall into one black- and-white camp: we all want to be organised. Why wouldn’t…

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Multitasking: How to Juggle Tasks Without Realising It

How many things can you do at once? When was the last time you multitasked? I bet you can do a fair few activities at once and have multitasked at least once today. With the advent of the internet, technology and an acceptance of 24/7 working hours, as well as the expectation that we all…

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