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Zoho Workplace: Business Cloud Nine

  Who doesn’t love being on cloud nine? Whether it’s the fun of quality family time, the heavenly joy of a holiday or the delight of relaxing downtime that brings you blissful happiness, there’s no denying cloud nine is the place to be. But have you ever thought it’s the place your business should be?…

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Don’t Fall For Shiny Penny Syndrome!

  What was the last thing that you treated yourself too? If you’re a shopaholic it might have been new clothes or a new pet if you’re an animal lover, perhaps the Apple Watch or some other gadget or gizmo? But what if you had no wardrobe or drawers to store the clothes, or couldn’t…

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Workflow Whizz: Save Time & Grow Your Business!

  Who doesn’t like being productive? The truth is even the biggest procrastinators among us relish the feeling of being efficient and kicking that to-do list to the curb. With the amount of things you could do instead of spending ages on a menial task that should take a fraction of time- from creatively coming…

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Vision: What’s Your Business Destination?

  Sometimes the best things that happen to us are spontaneous. Bumping into an old friend can bring more laughs than an obligatory scheduled meeting with an acquaintance. A surprise out of the blue from a loved one can be more touching than a planned birthday surprise. Stumbling upon an advert for a local networking…

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Identifying Opportunities: Waving Goodbye to ‘What-Ifs’

  Do you know when we know we’ve missed a great opportunity? When it’s passed us by, with that pesky feeling of hindsight mischievously and knowingly grinning at us as we reflect on the ‘If Onlys and ‘What Ifs’. What if we had developed that relationship with that interested possible client more? If only we…

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Goal Grin: How Integrated Systems Mean You Always Rock Yours

  If you were ever sporty you’d know the pleasing power of utter contentment when that football you kicked smashed into the net or that basket ball you strategically threw soared through the hoop, gliding into the basket. If you were ever musical or into acting you’d know the blissful feeling of fulfilment at performing…

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Endless Possibilities With Zoho Connect

  Possibility- it’s a powerful word isn’t it? In fact it gives me goose bumps. It just oozes potential and radiates opportunities in abundance. Put the word ‘Endless’ in front of the plural version and I go into  full on meltdown! However, ‘Endless Possibilities’ rarely crosses the mind unless collaboration occurs. Think about it- just…

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Creative Analysis Power Pack Scoping Session

Business vision is key to creating effective CRM systems

Every Power Pack CRM that we build starts in the same place – the business vision. Without knowing where the business is going there is no way of fully understanding how to create the system that is going to underpin the processes and automation within that business. CRMs and other business systems are only as…

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