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Integrated Systems Make The World Go Round…

“Money, money, money, always funny in a rich man’s world!” so sings ABBA. It is indeed funny in a wealthy man’s (or woman’s!) world, but it’s not so amusing when payments are late, especially for businesses. In a recent blog post published in February, Zoho cited Experian’s The Late Payment Survey: how is late payment affecting…

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Zoho Workplace: Business Cloud Nine

  Who doesn’t love being on cloud nine? Whether it’s the fun of quality family time, the heavenly joy of a holiday or the delight of relaxing downtime that brings you blissful happiness, there’s no denying cloud nine is the place to be. But have you ever thought it’s the place your business should be?…

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LinkMatch Made In Heaven!

  Yay- we’re proud (and very happy!) to announce our new partnership with LinkMatch! We’re now Reseller partners of the innovative integrated time-saver system and are listed as such on their website! Aimed primarily at recruiters, LinkMatch enables the marriage of your CRM system and LinkedIn, seamlessly bridging the gap between the two saving you…

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Workflow Whizz: Save Time & Grow Your Business!

  Who doesn’t like being productive? The truth is even the biggest procrastinators among us relish the feeling of being efficient and kicking that to-do list to the curb. With the amount of things you could do instead of spending ages on a menial task that should take a fraction of time- from creatively coming…

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New Year, New Business Approach?

We hope you and your business have enjoyed 2016. Whilst New Year is a time to reflect on how lucky we are at present and the successes we’ve enjoyed so far, my mantra is: “how can we find a better way?” I’m always looking for ways to improve, streamline, optimise and get smarter. So what…

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Unite Your Business Resources in 2017

  Don’t you think business life is better united? Being on the same page as a client to help them achieve their goals through your services, being on a similar wave length to your team, sharing the same values as your business investors, mentors or partners, you name it, business, and life in general, is…

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10 Ways Time-Saver Zoho Tasks Helps You Tackle Your To-Do List

  Time’s pretty fickle isn’t it? When we have lots of it we love it but usually end up squandering it with a ‘I’ll do it tomorrow mentality.’ When time is of the essence and we have very little of it, we resent it and tend to leave an urgent task until the very last…

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Risky Business? With Zoho Reports We Think Not!

  Number crunching, data munching, result bunching…button punching… scowl scrunching… sound familiar? While some people’s minds are very analytically inclined and almost wired to make sense of figures and information, others get confused, overwhelmed and downright frustrated with numerical data. But ask any business owner; reporting, analyzing and calculations have to be done. They’re necessary-…

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Organisation: The Secret to Long Term Success

  People generally fall into two camps when it comes to organisation. They’re either very uber-organised or else completely scatterbrained, scraping through, meeting (or missing!) deadlines just in the nick of time. When it comes to whether we want to be organised we fall into one black- and-white camp: we all want to be organised. Why wouldn’t…

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Keep Your Friends Close And Your Business Contacts Closer…

  Are you guilty of not keeping in touch with family friends, extended family, old colleagues, or school mates? We all love our family and friends but sometimes life gets busy and sadly touching base with them falls down our priority list. Occasionally we’re lucky enough to find friends who are understanding and we can…

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