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Imagine all the customers you’d retain by keeping them happy by not forgetting to contact them or sending them the wrong information. Picture all the time you could spend meeting and collaborating with new individuals, creating new products/services/content and growing your business, taking it a step closer to Business Freedom- when you don’t have to spend time learning how to use lots of different systems and trying to make them work harmoniously with one another.


Online tools and systems are what we’re all about at Creative Analysis and we particularly enjoy how they have the power to break down barriers and help the many talented, creative and driven individuals and small teams out there get their small enterprises online and magnify their message, promote their product/service and reach the right customers.

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Are you stuck in the detail of your business?  Would you like to learn top tools and tricks to shift from working IN your business to ON your business? Let me show you 6 key aspects that I focus and introduce you to the attitude that is needed for success. Just to be clear from the outset,…

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How many things can you do at once? When was the last time you multitasked? I bet you can do a fair few activities at once and have multitasked at least once today. With the advent of the internet, technology and an acceptance of 24/7 working hours, as well as the expectation that we all…

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  Who doesn’t like being productive? The truth is even the biggest procrastinators among us relish the feeling of being efficient and kicking that to-do list to the curb. With the amount of things you could do instead of spending ages on a menial task that should take a fraction of time- from creatively coming…

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  Have you ever been immobilized by indecision? Dithered for ages over which bank to place your savings in, ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ over which film to watch or music to listen to, wavered over which item of clothing to buy, only to falter even more when confronted with the vast abundance of clothing choice that’s…

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Think of all the extra things you could do if you didn’t have to do mediocre and mundane tasks… While you’re waiting for your name to be called at the doctors you’re probably daydreaming about playing your favourite sport or making your favourite creative thing, whether that be baking, drawing or writing that novel you’re…



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