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Dee Farrell of Inline – Q&A

“The system gives us the control we wanted!”


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Multitasking or managing multiple brands is never easy. It can be downright overwhelming.

Inline’s main ‘pain point’ lay in the absence of a system to unite, streamline and order the ‘behind the scenes’ work carried out by their team across their three different start-up brands: Inlineinteractive, LeagusLite and VideoPage.

Dee is the co-founder and Managing Director of Inlineinteractive- a video production company with a twist. The company produce high quality engaging video with rousing calls to action embedded in the film itself, encouraging instant interaction- all for an affordable budget perfect for small businesses!

The fact that, via clients’ own secure ‘real time’ dashboard, they can monitor and see how their customers interact and respond to the video, makes Inline’s videos stand out above the rest.

“An excellent CRM system was a priority in order to maintain strong business management/control,” explains Dee.


Why was there a need for Paula and Creative Analysis’ services in your business? What challenges did Inline face?

“With three new start up businesses, all individual brands, we were very aware of the need for business controls to be in place right at the start, so that everyone got used to using the system from day one.

The challenges were:

The usual business controls of keeping control over work in progress, quoting, invoicing.

Marketing: database, contact management, emailing,

Sales: keeping track of the sales process,

Project management: The same team will work across all 3 brands, so it was imperative for us to have a system to support workflow, quality control etc.”


“The first thing was a needs analysis.” explains Dee. “[This is] where Paula dug deep with us to understand not just the business but the commercial needs.”

Creative Analysis advised implementing a tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to enable their team to work more efficiently together across the three brands, to effectively communicate and be able to share information.

“An excellent CRM system was a priority in order to maintain strong business management/control.”

Dee and her team naturally needed a person who, along with their team, knew the ins and outs of bespoke CRM systems well plus someone personable who they could identify with.

“Paula is, in our experience, that rare combination of expertise in her field, a desire to really understand her clients’ needs, and someone who effortlessly guides you through the process. Not being ‘tecchies’ we really appreciated having someone who we could trust and relate to.”


What were the most useful and beneficial parts of the service for you? 

“First and foremost would be Paula’s input, which was invaluable. We told her what we would like the system to do, she asked us why, made suggestions and then delivered us a better solution.

Secondly, the added value brought to the process.  Paula is a creative thinker, and this showed in how we worked together to create something fit for our needs, now and in the future.  She wasn’t passive at all; she’s not an order taker, she made us think. She challenged our thinking, and made us really aware of elements of the system we had  never even contemplated.”


What difference has it made to your day-to-day practices at Inline? 

“With three businesses to run, and a busy workload, the system gives us the control we wanted; cut down on repetitive inputting and therefore limiting mistakes; and streamlined the process from beginning to end.”


How does having a CRM system help with team work?

“The system has been designed to support individuals, as well as the team. It allows us the flexibility to pick up any job that’s ongoing and have a clear picture of its current state. It gives us all peace of mind, and takes a lot of the headache out of administration.”


What opportunities have you experienced as a result of taking the step towards implementing at CRM?

“We’re still working on it, but the ability to run automated marketing campaigns and monitor their results is great.

Following our contacts, sales leads etc. also allows us to keep an focused, organised and systematic approach and defining a path of activity, which is straightforward and easy to follow and use.”


What would be the first part of the service that you would recommend to others? 

“Have a discovery session with Paula, you’ll be amazed what else she can offer you when she opens up your mind to the possibilities!”


Get in touch today to explore how we could support you in taking the step to an efficient and organised CRM, that, by saving you time, can pave the way for your to spot and act on new business opportunities. We’d be more than happy to discuss and learn about your needs- in fact, we enjoy find a solution!

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