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Janet Bebb of Social Progress Ltd – Case Study

“I now manage all my leads & don’t miss opportunities!”


Social Progress

Having been in business for 2 years and undertaking extensive networking activities, Social Progress had accumulated thousands of business cards and contacts. These were being stored in many different places: in an email package, on spreadsheets, within social media, in boxes and on desks.

Thousands of contacts were being stored in an inefficient and ineffective.

Leads were not being followed up, money was being sacrificed, contact details were getting lost in the piles of business cards and time was being wasted.

The sales process for Social Progress was not clearly defined.


Creative Analysis advised implementing a full Hot, Warm, Cool tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with integrated mail.

The contacts were gathered together from the many different places, cleansed and imported into the CRM, in a logical way for Janet to be able to find contacts at the click of a button.

Implementing the tailored CRM system brought structure to the sales process, which was clearly defined in the process and was implemented to streamline business activities.


Janet implemented the Hot, Warm, Cool model straight away.

This made contact information more easily located day to day. Janet found she wasn’t wasting time trying to locate a prospects contact information. She was able to follow up with prospects in a timely manner and provide quotes much more efficiently.

With all contact information in one place, Janet found she is more efficient and productive in her day to day working and time has been reclaimed within the business. No more searching around for one business card in a pile of hundreds on her desk!

Segmentation of the contacts was able to take place so Janet could target certain groups of people with specific products that would fulfil their needs.

Janet is now planning to carry the segmentation forward into the Digital Campaigns in the near future to enable targeted marketing online!

A CRM system can make all the difference in your business – enabling you to follow up and secure more business quickly and easily.

Get in touch today to explore how we could support you in transitioning to a new organised, time saving CRM. We’d be more than happy to discuss your needs and to ensure you aren’t missing opportunities with your prospects.




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