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Premier CRM

Do you want a CRM system that will integrate seamlessly with your email campaigns or newsletter subscribers? Do you want to track all of your email campaigns, share them socially and only have to enter your customer data once?

Premier CRM can do all of this for you!

Premier CRM

Opt-out preference is synchronised directly with your CRM system. You will never accidentally contact an unsubscriber again!

Get started today! Save yourself time and money by using a solution that is fully integrated with everything in one place. Call us on 01484 307066 for a free, no obligation, telephone review of your requirements.

* Please Note: All credit and debit card payments incur a 2.5% fee.

BACS payments are available if preferred (with no fee).

*Data migration is subject to a review of the quality, consistency and volume. The maximum volume of data within this package is 3,000 records and less than 25 fields. Data volumes larger than this require bespoke package discussions due to the intensity of preparing large data sets and mapping fields to the new business solution.

♦ Email campaigns includes integration with the CRM system, setting up 2 lists using specific CRM groups and basic training. The service doesn’t include preparing the emails graphics or campaigns. Many templates are available within Zoho Campaigns to create emails and newsletters.

All of our solutions are developed using Zoho CRM Professional. We apply our expertise to provide you with a UK relevant system with predefined ways of breaking your information down into groups.

We provide you with a one-on-one service to make sure that the CRM ‘fits’ your business. Our customised systems and expertise mean that you will have a system that you can understand and start using effectively from the beginning!



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