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Who’s Who

Paula Atherill

Systems Strategist & Director

My mantra is “how can we find a better way”, I’m always looking for ways to improve, streamline, optimise and get smarter. Yes, I love technology but I love it because it allows us to do this. It also releases us from the mundane things that can be done without our effort. We’ve all got key strengths and I believe that we should each focus on our strength and get systems, technology or other members of the team to do the other tasks. However, it has to be that team members strength.

I’ve seen how well systems work for large businesses and in the corporate world. I believe that we, as small businesses, can all be more efficient and successful with the right systems, and all of the analytical insights that they bring.

I’ve worked hundreds of hours in the ‘detail’, which gives me the foundation to design, scope and review requirements and systems. My passion is in the big picture, the vision, the ideas, how things can work to everyone’s advantage.

I have many years’ experience working with large companies in the areas of business, data and marketing analysis, data mining, email marketing and CRM design and implementation. Now I bring that expertise to smaller enterprises that go on to reap the rewards of efficient and intelligent data and process management.



Michelle Veasey

Digital Strategist

I am a digital and business strategy project manager. I can help improve your organisation, and identify and develop new ways of working by getting under its skin and challenging the status-quo. I can do this by facilitating workshops and training teams in the practical application of digital and technology-related products. I can develop a really deep understanding of your market, by mapping out the customer journey, identifying where to find them – on or offline, and looking for optimum ways in which technology can help to achieve your objectives.

I am a ‘people-person’, and I fundamentally understand how to communicate and build relationships within organisations at all levels. Recognised by the team as a thought-leader and problem-solver, I am instrumental in driving key change programmes. I consistently strive for excellence, am constantly researching new ways to improve processes, and always deliver against desired outcomes.


Will Marshall

Technical Analyst

I am the technical specialist in the team. I focus on cleansing your data and getting it ready to go into your system so you can get the most from it.

I specialise in Zoho products and working with Paula, Gina and Mel – we create the system that gives you freedom.



Mel Constantinou 

Account Manager

Not only do I think outside the box, I live outside it. I left the UK in 2007 to embark on a world tour and have only recently set up home in Southwest France. I built my first Zoho Creator app on a 10″ notebook, on the terrace of a house we were looking after in Australia, and have developed it from a 200 line Google sheet to over 18000 records that now run the business from quote to invoice.

I firmly believe that no business should have to adapt themselves to fit their systems. The systems should be moulded to suit the business. Along with Paula and Will, I hope to make this belief a reality for you and relish in watching small businesses grow and evolve.

Susanne Mills

Process Mapping & Trainer

My passion is helping individuals and businesses thrive by supporting them to allow them to spend as much time as possible in their areas of expertise. I perform Business Process Mapping to streamline your workflow and increase productivity.

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Dee Farrell

I am a results driven coach. I have an abiding passion and curiosity about people and business, honed through years of commercial experience. Being a quick study of people, situations and concepts means facilitating decision-making and action plans comes naturally to me.  I’ve run limited companies and worked in a wide variety of industries, and enjoy the challenge and interest of everything from software development to fashion.

I get genuine pleasure from uncovering the potential in every situation, and seeing my clients make real progress in their desired direction, and feeling good about it.



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