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What does Location


Independent mean to you?

Business freedom lets you focus on whatever matters most to you.


With the right systems, processes and team is in place you can step outside your business at anytime, be confident it will keep running without you and be anywhere you want to be.

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Is it about being able to pick and choose the hours that you work, being able to invest time into the hobbies and interests that you love or is it about having the potential to create as much or as little income as you choose. Is business freedom about creating the business of your dreams,…

Summer, news, work, Creative Analysis

  We hope you’re having a great summer! Here at Creative Analysis we’re huge fans of how the right online tools and systems can enable savvy freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners and their teams to be free to work from wherever they choose and to break free from the traditional- now outdated- 9-5 grind. We love…

I read A LOT of articles about being a digital nomad. Leaving the corporate world behind and seeing the world sounds exciting, but what is the reality? Well, you probably won’t get rich, and you’ll pull your hair out when you can’t get decent WiFi, that’s for sure. You’ll also work long hours at times and…

networking, business relationships, The HD8 Business Show

  We’re very excited this week as we’re attending The HD8 Business Show and delivering a small seminar exploring solutions that enable small businesses to operate in a location independent capacity. I’ll also be discussing how to easily pass on the knowledge business owners have stored in their busy brains to others in their team…

Question and answer, CRM, CRM Q&A, Location Independent, Business Freedom, Remote working, virtual team, Digital Nomad

  If you’ve stumbled across this or one of our recent blog posts and you’re a tad confused then you’ve come to the right place! Even better, if you’ve read a few of our posts and can see they’re connected by a theme that you can’t quite put your finger on, it’s because they are!…

Paula Atherill, HD8 Business Show, Networking, The HD8 Network

  The beauty of having all our business’ data stored and categorized into a reliable and organised system or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform isn’t just that it helps us keep track of contacts’ details…or that it seamlessly integrates with other systems…or that it minimizes our chances of missing valuable opportunities to grow our business….

work remotely, work on the go, CRM, New Year, New Year Resolution, business

We hope you and your business have enjoyed 2016. Whilst New Year is a time to reflect on how lucky we are at present and the successes we’ve enjoyed so far, my mantra is: “how can we find a better way?” I’m always looking for ways to improve, streamline, optimise and get smarter. So what…

business vision, vision, CRM, goals, systems

  Sometimes the best things that happen to us are spontaneous. Bumping into an old friend can bring more laughs than an obligatory scheduled meeting with an acquaintance. A surprise out of the blue from a loved one can be more touching than a planned birthday surprise. Stumbling upon an advert for a local networking…

ONTRAPORT, integrated systems, business, business freedom, automated marketing

  Have you ever been immobilized by indecision? Dithered for ages over which bank to place your savings in, ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ over which film to watch or music to listen to, wavered over which item of clothing to buy, only to falter even more when confronted with the vast abundance of clothing choice that’s…



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